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  • Time: 2015-10-15
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HDPE/PP Profiles Spiral Winding Pipe Production Line,Profiled Corrugated Pipe Machine

Synonyms: krah pipe machine, Krah profiles Pipe machine, Spirolite pipe machine, Bauku profileen profile pipe machine

Application: this profiled pipe production line is mainly to produce the HDPE/PP pipe from 300mm to 4000mm(ID). This kind of pipe is made from HDPE or PP with hot winding technology. It is of high ring stiffness, low weight and easy jointing. It can be used for drainage and water supply. It is of electrical fusion welding socket and spigot, this is the most of reliable joint compare other drainage and sewerage pipe jointing system.

We supply full technology from the machine to the pipe production, fittings, tank, manhole and pipe installation.



This profiled pipe helix extrusion machine is design with latest technology, high production efficiency, and easy operation. It can produce the pipe with different ring stiffness and wall structure from 300mm to 4000mm (4m) within short time through changing the mandrel and some elements, and there is no material waste during the changing.

The optimized machine design to ensure the installation and dismounting of machine easily. So it can be installed at the project site in order to solve the transportation problem for big diameter pipe.

This production line can be updated to produce big diameter compositing reinforced pipe for high pressure water transportation.

Main machine: The main machine is fixed and the height of the main is adjustable according to the installation site situation. The water, gas, material, air pipeline and power cable is fixed, so the installation, operation and maintenance are easy and ensure good safety.

Extruder: Equipped with high efficiency extruder for HDPE/PP, it is of low melt temperature, high homogenous melt and low power consumption.

Coating die head: With unique designed die head for CO-TUBE  coating to ensure the good shape and increase the pipe ringing stiffness.
The mandrel and lips can be changed within 10-15 minutes due to the special die design. This can save time for pipe production.
Press head: The press head can reduce the temperature of the side between bounded base layer and coated co-tube to ensure the shape of coated co-tube and increase the ring stiffness due to the special design press head with water cooling.

Co-tube: Automatic speed control and accumulation system to ensure the PP co-tube feeding stable. The main PP driver adopted timing belt unit and is equipped with servo motor with high precision reducer to guarantee the accurate and table speed, and ensure the pipe quality. The pneumatic Co-tube cutting unit is equipped, fast and easy to maintain.

Gas heating: the fire nozzle can be adjusted according the pipe diameter and production, each nozzle with individual switch.
 The fire system is equipped from KROM, GERMANY. It can control the fire automatically. It can detect the fire on or off and switch on the valve and fire to ensure the gas safety.

Infrared heating: the fast infrared heating system is equipped on the profiled pipe machine to produce the multilayer production. The efficiency is high, power consumption is low. And the pipe surface can absorb more than 95% energy and can melt within very short time.

Movable winding station:

The winding station is movable and can be adjusted forward and revert according to the pipe diameter.

The winding station running stable, reliable and long service life due to the high precision guide rail and high speed and heavy load bearing imported from US.

The complete frame of winding station is fabricated after welding to ensure the precision and heavy load and guarantee the stable running and production quality.

With dual servo driving system to ensure the mandrel get same speed, same driving power for each side, so the production stable, reliable and also protect the mandrel to increase the mandrel life.

The support wheel distance adjusted is motorized.

The winding station platform is covered by aluminum sheet and the operator can stand on it to inspect the production.


Equipped with hard alloy cutter and insert changeable cutter to ensure the cutting surface smooth, clean and ensure the cutter long life.


Equipped huge air flow fan, huge air flow, high cooling efficiency and low power consumption.

Mandrel dismounting: equipped with horizontal pulling dismounting unit, high efficiency, stable, reliable and easy to maintain.

The whole production line arrangement is flexible and save space according to the site situation due to the design of movable winding station and horizontal pulling dismounting unit..

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