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  • Name: Hollow Wall Winding equipment
  • ID: A002
  • Time: 2015-10-15
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Product Description:
In recent years, polyethylene plastic pipe - (HDPE) large-caliber hollow-wall winding pipe cement pipe replacement success, Qingdao Ze Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the first manufacturing, an independent production process line winding large-caliber hollow-wall winding pipe equipment, is the first production of (HDPE), one large-caliber hollow wall winding pipe production equipment manufacturers, we have a strong R & D advantages and rich experience in the production tubing. Its quality performance indicators have reached international advanced, the leading domestic level.
Host-efficiency single screw extruder, to ensure high-speed, high-quality extrusion;
Use of composite molds, helix turning forming simple compact structure, unique design, to ensure product quality;
Equipment PLC control system, easy operation, stable operation;
Finished pipe ring stiffness;
Mine can produce anti-static pumping gas exhaust pipe;
Multiple connectivity options of special fittings and electric connection, etc., construction convenient, economical and efficient.

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