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  • Name: PVC winding pipe production line
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  • Time: 2015-12-29
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Qingdao Hua Ze Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. professional production of PVC PP PE PPH Pipe equipment, forming machines for the production of various types of plastic Pipe.
1, the main areas of use are: Port, tunnels, municipal sewage, etc.
2, production materials: Suitable for PP / PE / PVC / PPH materials such as molding;
3, the production range: 200-3500mm;
4, Features: This device made from high quality steel made after a special mold processing chrome-plated inside and outside is smooth and beautiful, durable, good product stability and long service life....
5. Action: The machine is simple, the workers do not need to experience just a little description to operate, a person can operate more than one production line equipment, easy maintenance, stable production.

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