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  • Name: PP/PE/ABS/PMMA/PC/PS/HIPS Plastic Plate Extrusion Line
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  • Time: 2015-12-29
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PP/PE/ABS/PMMA/PC/PS/HIPS Plastic Plate Extrusion Line

This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PP/PE/ABS/PMMA/PC/PS/HIPS plate with the width less than 3000mm and thickness  1-30mm. The final products are widely used in the fields of refrigerator, air conditioner, advertisement,  construction, environmental protection, chemical industry, bathroom accessory, automotive trim, etc.

 Extruder : Appropriate single-screw extruder (exhaust or not) should be chosen on the basis of different materials. Specially designed screw and advanced temperature controlling system ensure the good plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

Screen changer and mould : The hydraulic quick screen changing device ensure screen changing without material-leakage and machine stopping, and the effect is fast and efficiency. Based on material difference, the moulds is adopted T-type. Melt dosing pump can be used according to the different materials to guarantee stable  extrusion and even thickness .


Three-roller calender machine: Vertical three-roller calendering machine with roller temperature controlling device. The gaps of three roller can be adjusted manually and automatically. It has emergency stop function ensure safety.


Cooling Bracket: It is equipped with corresponding cooling guide roller, making the cooling effect better. It is equipped with edge cutting and cutting device, which guarantee the fixed width of plates and quality of edge.


Hauling off machine :It adopt butyronitrile rubber roller for twice hauling to protect the stability and smoothness of plate, the hauling speed synchronize with three roller calendering machine.

Transverse cutting machine:It adopts cylinder clamping, moving cutting and speed frequency regulating to guarantee the cutting speed synchronize with plate production speed. It is adopted alloy saw blade, and is equipped with dust absorption device.

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