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  • Name: PVC wood-plastic construction template production line
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  • Time: 2015-12-29
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One, PVC building template features and advantages
Compared with the traditional template, PVC wood-plastic construction template has the following characteristics:
1, good water resistance. Even if it is completely immersed in water for several days, it will not damp deformation. It will not rot rust.
2, cement incompatibility, sticky, easy stripping after construction, it will not cement the adhesion and deformation.
3, construction of high efficiency, good quality. The surface of the smooth construction of buildings which do not have a second modification.
4, saving process, improve the efficiency of construction. While also in the processing template, the template surface pretreatment to obtain the desired pattern wall.
5, light weight, easy construction.
6, long life, re-use more times. The final damage plastic template can still crushed again and re-processed into new template, save resources, in line with the "green industry" requirement.
7, good insulation, will help shorten the construction period.
8, the wood can be added various processing methods, may be welded, it can be flexible at the construction site for secondary processing
Two, PVC application templates
Can be widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, construction, household appliances and daily necessities and other fields, which allows you to produce a variety of products, such as: industrial pallets, storage pallets, compartment floor, storage shelves, wooden fence, beach chairs, floors.
Three, PVC construction templates Use:
1, the level of PVC templates for templates in high-rise building, wall, vertical wall, dams, tunnels and bridges templates.
2, cutting templates: a template for any wood saw, handsaw, electric saws and the like. Available chainsaw cut to any irregular geometry, without any burrs.
Fourth, laying standard template:
1, close square wooden template to the longitudinal placement. Seams to minimize, to the formation between the board and the board, slab with adhesive tape.
2, the top mold: first in scaffolding wooden cross shop the norm. Spacing is 1.2m, then the longitudinal side of the wood shop, the pitch does not exceed 300mm, the cast thickness exceeds 200mm, the spacing should be appropriate to adjust small.
3, the mold wall: After the template shop lumber longitudinal pitch of 250mm-300mm in cross-shop two square wooden connection screws through the wall leaving a good position, vertical good bracing transverse flute available steel connected to form large modular wall formwork. direct lifting, can also removable single block template.
4, beam-column mode: Press size cut open the template, position the top left wall screws, column mode available scaffolding four sides locked vertical good bracing.

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