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  • Time: 2015-12-29
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Polypropylene tank production line production line range:
Diameter: 300-3500mm
Material: PPH / PPB / PPR / HDPE / PVDF
Polypropylene tank equipment features:
First, the working pressure: atmospheric pressure
Second, the working temperature: PP-10 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, PVC-40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Qingdao Huaze Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide complete sets of plastic wrapping tank production technology and equipment (PP wound polypropylene tank production line, PP tank production equipment, PPH winding tank production line). I developed the use of extrusion line winding sealless process can ensure the mechanical strength of the tank and the safety and reliability can be carried out with a ring thickness of 40mm or more, and its cross section can be gradual, and focus on the use of raw materials in large parts of the force . Wound tanks are weld-free body design, the tank bottom and tank top security using professional automated welding equipment and the corresponding reasonable steps to ensure its quality, to avoid the risk of leakage, security work and the environment.
 Tank Process:
Products using the world's advanced wound superimposed seamless molding technology, to ensure that the tank force uniform, to increase its mechanical strength and safety and reliability. After precision tank testing and stress analysis, make a scientific body under thick thin structure, the thickness of up to 65mm or more.
 The outside of the tank bottom welding process:
Product bottom welding using advanced automatic welding unit out of the long arm, can achieve a large seam welding is completed, to ensure that the tank is not leaking under any circumstances, be safe containing corrosive liquids dangers: to ensure work safety and the environment. Welding Code performed in Europe (DVS2205) standard.
Niece bottom welding process:
Products using advanced automatic horizontal rotation of the long arm of extrusion welding unit and completion of one of the most important internal tank bottom welding work, the ability to increase the bottom of the tank pressure to prevent leakage, can effectively extend the life of the product up to 10 years, the stationary state can be achieved even 15 years of life.

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