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  • Name: PET sheet production line
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  • Time: 2015-12-30
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The production line is specifically for APET, PET-G raw material and design of monolayer or multilayer coextrusion sheet forming special equipment, can also be used for production of PS, PP, PE sheet products
Usually PET sheet unit is used to produce one or three layers of sheet, the extruder uses one or two sets. This kind of sheet middle layer can make a high proportion of recycled materials, new material composed of outer layer is mixed with releaseagent. The common sheet is used in the outer structure of PETG, it is a kind of modified, without pre crystallization of PET. That's what we know about the G/A/G structure.
Thickness range of products: 0.2-2mm
Product width: 500-1800mm (security customer requirements adjustment)
The processing of raw materials: A-PET, PETG, and EVOH and PE for special extrusion structure.
Device configuration:
A raw material handling system:
Feeding system: independent automatic vacuum feeding
Raw material drying: Design for raw material
Volume or weight measurement: four kinds of components of each extruder (optional)
B extrusion system:
Extruder type: single screw extrusion or twin screw extrusion
Extruder specifications: single screw 65, 90120150
Twin screw 52, 65, 75, 95
C pump: PET standard
Extrusion die: manual or automatic, rack type runner
D calender:
Calender type: horizontal or inclined
Calender roller specification 320mm, Phi 450mm, Phi 600mm
Temperature control of roller: cold water machine and water roll temperature controller
E cut edge and online recovery:
Cutting edge way: blade type or disc knife with motor drive
F drawing part: Phi 200mm, Phi 250mm
G receiving system: 1 large diameter independent winding machine
2 turnover type rolling machine
3 general receiving machine
4 automatic coiling machine
F automation control: PLC control system, the use of foreign well-known brands of electrical components

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