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  • Name: PE plastic granulator
  • ID: i002
  • Time: 2015-12-30
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One.SJSZ51/105 twin screw extruder (65/132 and 80/156 host another production line)
Technical parameters: 1 motor power: 22KW inverter motor
2 screw speed: 36RPM
The 3 largest output: 150~180kg/h
4 machine barrel screw Zhoushan Zhejiang, machine barrel screw with vacuum device
5 hard surface reducer: Jiangyin
6 speed control with ABB frequency converter, temperature control instrument OMRON LCD display.
7 heating device: ceramic heating ring, heating section 11
8 granulating die head adopts special mold steel produced by nitriding.
Two. Cutter tool for the special tool, easy disassembly and installation
Three. Air supply system made of stainless steel, durable, high pressure centrifugal fan to ensure granulation recovery

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