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  • Name: PVC eagerly granulator
  • ID: i004
  • Time: 2015-12-30
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Equipment configuration:
1 eager to die
Description: Die Forging 45# quenched and tempered flow of hard chromium plating chromium layer 0.03~0.04 thick, hard chrome plated shunt cone outer surface, the chromium layer thickness 0.03~0.04
Ceramic Heater
2 dice hood
Description: stainless steel hood 2, with lighting and observation hole, easy to observe
3 pelletizing system
Note: cutting motor 1.1kW, height can be adjusted up and down; before and after manual adjustment. The blade is 9CrSi; cutter knife, decorative chromium plating; cutting
The car with the guide rail, can move forward and backward, easy to clean up the die head
4 air supply system
Description: blowing material fan 1.5KW, venturi tee, elbow, pipe and a cyclone separator, all pipe is a stainless steel, which cyclone separator with interlayer
5 electrical system
Explanation: the electric system is installed on the cutting car, it is easy to control.

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