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  • Name: Parallel double screw extruder
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  • Time: 2015-12-30
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SJ65/75 parallel twin screw extrusion machine's range of application for filled modified plastics, color masterbatch, all cable material production, enhance modification, blending modification, yield 100-400kg/h.
1 feeding system of single or twin screw feeder, motor power 1.1kw, horizontal stirring, stainless steel hopper, Japan inverter
2 drive system Z4 55-90kw DC motor, equipped with the most advanced imported DC governor of Italy; also can configure the AC motor and the Japanese import frequency conversion speed control system
3 coupling: direct coupling to help improve the power transfer coefficient, shear pin to provide mechanical safety
4. Transmission system hardened gear, transmission and deceleration together as a whole, SKF Bearing imports, imports of seal. Gear lubrication
5. The extrusion screw diameter 62/72mm screw length to diameter ratio of 32 56, screw speed 50-500rpm, screw element material for high quality alloy steel W6Mo5Cr4V2. Heat treatment after the surface hardness hrc58-60, 45 forging machine cylinder base material, liner material for alpha 101, surface hardness HRC60-64. Screw elements and the core shaft using the most advanced involute spline connection.
6. Temperature control system according to the needs of bronze and cast aluminum heater distribution in different position of the barrel body, stainless steel cooling system; temperature control meter meter adopt imported from Japan RKC, precise temperature control, imported electromagnetic valve.
7 vacuum system according to the process of opening the exhaust and vacuum, the vacuum degree of -0.04-0.08Mpa, all stainless steel manufacturing.
8 control system main switch and other low voltage electrical equipment using joint venture products. PLC or PCC control system can be configured according to user's requirements. Host multiple chain control system
The whole frame welded 9 steel frame system, the user does not need to strictly ground foundation, stainless steel cover, a built-in heat insulation layer.

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